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Unfuck Your Adulting: Give Yourself Permission, Carry Your Own Baggage, Don’t Be a Dick, Make Decisions, & Other Life Skills

First of all Portland’s Microcosm Publishing is awesome. Starting in the very Gen X zine culture, they now publish really practical and useful books on everything from better urban planning and locomation to all things psychology. Which is where this candid and legitimately effective book comes in.

Dr. Faith G. Harper offers a no-holds barred but also totally compassionate view of how to become a responsible, accountable, respectable and functional grown-up. Not home ec, or laundry doing or any of that bullshit – just the being an upstanding, self-respecting person part.

In between the punk attitude I heard so many important echoes of my sessions in therapy with my Jungian psychologist, or from The Four Agreements, or simply things I had come to understand over time through really tough growth phases but never had the time to stop an annunciate.

Well it’s in here. The good stuff. I really enjoyed. You can too. And if possible but it directly from the publisher; you’ll get a better deal and so will they.

Support independents!

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