Tips for Godot 4.0 Developers Just Getting Started
Uncategorized / December 18, 2023

This post is very much a work in progress with scattered notes about stuff that may be undercovered out there, and hopefully it helps someone along their journey. 2D Pixel If you want those 2D Sprites pixel-perfect but can’t find the 2D Pixel preset – instead, go to Project Settings -> Rendering -> Textures -> Default Texture Filter -> Nearest. Y-Sorting If you are below the + sign, you’ll appear in front of the tile, if you’re above it, you’ll appear behind the tile. You can move it up and down in the Tileset tab under Painting (dropdown->YSort) and set a value. Negative values move the Y-Sort center up, and positive values move it down. Don’t forget to click on the tile area you want to set the spot for. change_scene_to() try change_scene_to_file(“res://your_scene_name) Not Declared in the Current Scope: rather than this syntax, add Callable MusicOptionButton.connect(“item_selected”, self, “_on_MusicOptionButton_item_selected”) like so: MusicOptionButton.connect(“item_selected”, Callable(self, “_on_MusicOptionButton_item_selected”)) Onready and Export now need an @ symbol at the front: @onready var pause_menu = $PauseMenu How do you loop an audio sample? Answer by freeman: First, when importing the sample, loop option has to be checked. Then in SampleLibrary where the sound is imported, small pencil icon…

Cockos Reaper DAW: How To Record and Switch Between Takes of a Multitrack Recording
Uncategorized / August 9, 2022

Group your track regions Group Items : Control+G Remove Items from Group : Control+Shift+G Select All Items in Groups : Shift+G Toggle Item Grouping Override : Alt+Control+G CTRL+L to hide/show lanes T – Next Take Shift + T – previous take Also here is an important tip: Somehow my settings got changed  – maybe I was on a new computer, and I couldn’t cycle through takes. I spent hours trying to figure out if I had somehow locked them, or the track or whatever. Then I realized that the record mode I was in was record new recordings onto the same track, but not takes, which I believe are just one long recording with region splits. So to make sure you are actually recording multiple compable takes onto the same track check the Record Mode: Normal, and then under “New recording that overlaps existing media items” check that “Splits existing items and creates new takes (default) is checked:

Suburban Magical Realism – A Study In A Genre
Uncategorized / June 8, 2022

When I was a child in the 1970s I grew up in a neighborhood with three Vanessas within a house or two from our duplex – including my sister – a Polish Ecuadorian, the Jamaican Vanessa around the corner and the Mexican Vanessa in the house behind ours, just across the yard before they built fences between all the houses. Before they did that (built the fences, that is) we just roamed free among all the backyards of the developing neighborhood that served as a global tour of cultures. My first best friend was a young girl named Aysha whose parents hailed from Brussels and New Delhi whose house I would escape to for samosas, naan with raspberry jam and butter whipped together, and Bollywood movies at lunch on the TV. Sometimes we would stir up all manner of bathroom and kitchen cleaner products with flour and baking soda just to see what would happen. Or ride around on our tricycles to meet up with other kids in the hood – like John whose disability had him using leg braces to walk or English Richard the auburn-haired kid with explosive freckles across his face who had a severe lisp and…

My Top Ten Board Games in 2019
Uncategorized / December 4, 2019

Not necessarily games that were released in 2019 – but that I played and enjoyed the most (and most of which can be played solo – denoted with a *): *Everdell – this gloriously animated anthropomorphic worker placement, tableau/engine building game is quickly becoming one of BGG’s highest rated games of all time. *Renegade – Richard Wilkinson’s absolutely brilliant cyberpunk hacker game.* *Villagers – A wonderful worker engine building/tableau game. Solo mode is exceptional and differs substantially from the core game. *Tiny Epic Zombies – a truly epic adventure in a box! *Aerion – the Oniverse is one of the most artistically creative series out there, and this may be my favorite among them. Sky pirates for the win! *Dungeon Degenerates – a review I like at OMG if Haight Ashbury and Glitterbest had an orgy with Robert Crumb and a blacklight you’d get this devil may care successor to Games Workshop anything. Pure, vile, joy. Gloom – Dark and bleak and like and Edward Gorey picture book, created by the dude from the Decemberists and with a fairly unique – plastic see-through card mechanism, Gloom is a storymaker. *Roll Player – the awesome conceit of making a board…

Unfuck Your Adulting: Give Yourself Permission, Carry Your Own Baggage, Don’t Be a Dick, Make Decisions, & Other Life Skills
Uncategorized / September 7, 2019

First of all Portland’s Microcosm Publishing is awesome. Starting in the very Gen X zine culture, they now publish really practical and useful books on everything from better urban planning and locomation to all things psychology. Which is where this candid and legitimately effective book comes in. Dr. Faith G. Harper offers a no-holds barred but also totally compassionate view of how to become a responsible, accountable, respectable and functional grown-up. Not home ec, or laundry doing or any of that bullshit – just the being an upstanding, self-respecting person part. In between the punk attitude I heard so many important echoes of my sessions in therapy with my Jungian psychologist, or from The Four Agreements, or simply things I had come to understand over time through really tough growth phases but never had the time to stop an annunciate. Well it’s in here. The good stuff. I really enjoyed. You can too. And if possible but it directly from the publisher; you’ll get a better deal and so will they. Support independents!

Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis
Uncategorized / January 21, 2018

I read this book when I was a kid – maybe 15 years old. It left an indelible impression on my though I could never pinpoint why. I suppose things happen, but there is a decided lack of bombastic adventure that shifted my energy in engaging it. Like a Brian Eno album, where you stop looking for choruses and instead surrender to the zone. That said, I revisited the book via an audiobook version read by a colorful British narrator. The book now struck me as a sort of Lord of the Rings pastoral, seemingly innocuous beginning into something that must have influenced the 1970’s animated sci-fi erotic film Fantastic Planet. Except that, being of Lewis’ mind, is more pious and chaste. But the strange, oversized aliens, oppressors of the galactic territory that the protagonists discover, are so fresh and interesting, that of course the mind wanders and clings. I love tone-pieces that expand my palette. This is the cover that I remember.