Five Semi-Obscure Workflow Tips for Premiere Pro That Will Make Life Better
Tutorials / December 25, 2019

There are many video editing tools out in the world today – and though many share some basic conventions, most are quite different from one another in their approach and layout. In my series of interesting little tips and hacks I have learned the hard way, I made a quick video for people getting started with Adobe’s video editor Premiere Pro. For seasoned editors, this will be obvious stuff, but for the (8 billion-seasoned editors) population out there that doesn’t know this stuff and *eyeroll*, I hope this can be a salve to getting up and running faster to tell your awesome and unique stories! I wanted to share some seemingly hidden tools for or techniques for handling some key parts of an editing workflow with Adobe Premiere Pro. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

My Top Ten Board Games in 2019
Uncategorized / December 4, 2019

Not necessarily games that were released in 2019 – but that I played and enjoyed the most (and most of which can be played solo – denoted with a *): *Everdell – this gloriously animated anthropomorphic worker placement, tableau/engine building game is quickly becoming one of BGG’s highest rated games of all time. *Renegade – Richard Wilkinson’s absolutely brilliant cyberpunk hacker game.* *Villagers – A wonderful worker engine building/tableau game. Solo mode is exceptional and differs substantially from the core game. *Tiny Epic Zombies – a truly epic adventure in a box! *Aerion – the Oniverse is one of the most artistically creative series out there, and this may be my favorite among them. Sky pirates for the win! *Dungeon Degenerates – a review I like at OMG if Haight Ashbury and Glitterbest had an orgy with Robert Crumb and a blacklight you’d get this devil may care successor to Games Workshop anything. Pure, vile, joy. Gloom – Dark and bleak and like and Edward Gorey picture book, created by the dude from the Decemberists and with a fairly unique – plastic see-through card mechanism, Gloom is a storymaker. *Roll Player – the awesome conceit of making a board…