HP Printer Solution: “Color mode was changed from color because of a conflict with another printer setting”

August 31, 2022

Thanks to TheBadwrench for solving what 5 HP virtual servants, printer diagnosers and other apps could not:

The problem – you try to print color but the print keeps defaulting to monochrome. This is especially frustrating when you are on their pay as you go plan and burn through a print job that needed color but came out black and white.

Printer settings screen keeps reverting to monochrome instead of staying in color mode. Two yellow arrows indicate the fields where this is happening

  1. Click Start Menu
  2. Type then click on “devices and printers”
  3. Contrary to what the support people are telling everybody, do not remove your printer from the devices list
  4. Click “add a printer”
  5. On the following screen, even if your printer is listed, Click at the bottom where it says “the printer I want isn’t listed”
  6. On the next screen, select “my printer is a little older, help me find it” and click next
  7. It will show “searching for available printers”… this time select your printer from the list and hit next
  8. Windows will ask which version of the driver you want to use and give the following 2 options: Use the currently installed driver or replace the current driver. Select “replace the current driver”
  9. On the next screen, name your printer then hit “next”
  10. It will install the driver and color printing should now work. At least it did for me.

So far this has proved to be a permanent solution, my settings are no longer reverting to monochrome and color printing now remains as an available option each time I’ve printed since this fix. Hope this helps somebody”
/endquote by TheBadWrench.

Should end up looking something like this:

Printer set as default in Windows 10

And I’ll be damned, it finally works again. Honestly, I have no idea what sorcery this is, but sometimes you have to Fonzy it, and just slam that jukebox.

Thanks my guy – you saved me a ton of hair-pulling. HP – no thanks to you.

Let me know if this saved you too!

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