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Cockos Reaper DAW: How To Record and Switch Between Takes of a Multitrack Recording

Group your track regions

  • Group Items : Control+G
  • Remove Items from Group : Control+Shift+G
  • Select All Items in Groups : Shift+G
  • Toggle Item Grouping Override : Alt+Control+G

CTRL+L to hide/show lanes

T – Next Take
Shift + T – previous take

Also here is an important tip:

Somehow my settings got changed  – maybe I was on a new computer, and I couldn’t cycle through takes. I spent hours trying to figure out if I had somehow locked them, or the track or whatever. Then I realized that the record mode I was in was record new recordings onto the same track, but not takes, which I believe are just one long recording with region splits.

So to make sure you are actually recording multiple compable takes onto the same track check the Record Mode: Normal, and then under “New recording that overlaps existing media items” check that “Splits existing items and creates new takes (default) is checked:

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